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i'm bill o'reilly. remember the spin stops right here because we are definitely looking out for you. welcome to "hannity." he's a tea party favorite who many conservatives would like to see run for the white house come 2016 and with that comes extra str scrutiny but ted cruz is standing up to critics. late last week the texas senator, ted cruz, released his birth certificate to the paper. born in canada to an american mother, he became an instant u.s. citizen but end canadian law he's a citizen of that country the moment he was born. many say the cruz camp has put this so-called controversy to rest. the paper goes on to point out that the constitution does not address the issue of dual
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citizenship when it comes to running for the presidency. joining me now is connie mack and steve murphy. are you a left wing birther? >> he was born in canada. we know that. he's a canadian citizen but he's also an american citizen so i think he's eligible to run for president. his problem isn't he's from canada. it's that he's from mars. >> all right. all right. save your cheap left wing political hack attack for later. we'll get to that later. do you see any issue here? it seems to me the left is flirting with birtherism. here's a question. does that mean they are racist against a hispanic? >> you know, first of all, i think it's important to point out that there is one democrat who will not be talking about this issue and that is barack obama. and the left -- this is clearly a media dump. this was clearly an opponent, someone who sees ted cruz as a
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threat that delivered this information and has stirred it up behind the scenes. i think most people in politics recognize what this is. i enjoy the fact that people out there are highlighting that the republican party is a big tent. we have people from all walks of life who are stepping up to the plate with bold ideas and ted cruz is one of them. >> let's go to some of the things that have been said about the birther issue from the democratic side for those that said why didn't obama produce his birth certificate when he was asked. this is in part how some of the left reacted. >> how can he go from flat earth, i don't believe in evolution to -- >> why are you putting those words in his mouth? he never said he doesn't believe in evolution. those are your words, chris. >> that's how you would like to paint him to be. >> it wasn't an issue in the primary. >> look, let's look --
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>> come on. what is this grand wizard nonsense? give me a break. don't go there with me on that. >> great. okay. good. thank you. there's none of those problems over there. all of those birthers out there. >> the irs is being used in exaccly the same way as they tried to use the president's birth certificate. >> the insinuation was, steve murphy, anyone that said, all right, why doesn't the president just produce his birth certificate. it was never a big issue for me but it was odd that they never did. and then he produced it issue kind of went away. the insinuation was that if you raise the question that you must be a racist. >> look, what was going on with the birthers was very clear. they were arguing that barack obama 15 minutes after he was born arranged to have a phony birth certificate placed in hawaii while he was born in kenya. the same people said he's the anti-christ and he certainly
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would have to be a superhero and all those people that thought it was odd that he didn't produce the birth certificate, you think that was all racial? >> it was racial, yes. every person that questioned that was racial. >> i am not going to say every person. >> if people now question ted cruz's birth certificate. he's produced it. is that racial? >> who's questioning it? people are questioning whether -- >> people are raising the issue of whether or not there's an eligibility question. >> that's different than questioning the birth certificate. he was born in canada. he's a u.s. citizen and a canadian citizen. >> let me say this, sean. i think what you see here is when ted cruz was asked about it, he produced his birth certificate. no big deal, right? the president dragged his feet for years and so the issue
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became more the president's doing than anybody else. i think ted cruz handled it the right way. he produced a birth certificate. everyone knows he's a u.s. citizen and he was born an american. and the issue is over. the problem is there's those on the left who just can't stand it. they've got to come up with some sort of issue that keeps them going to maybe raise money or to try to fill a void in their own policy issues. >> i think he's a threat. he's intellectual. he's a conservative and he to harvard and he has the backing of a lot of conservatives including me in this country. think that he is a threat to the left. >> he's absolutely a threat. i'll tell you this. he's someone that when he is up on capitol hill and you see him participating in events or talking about issues, he's very well learned on the issues. he knows what he's talking
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about. he can explain it in a way that people understand and he's a cons eervative and that drives others crazy. >> it doesn't drive me crazy. i'm on the left and i hope he's the republican nominee because he's a hater. he's always talking about gays and he's always talking about -- >> hater? >> undocumented workers. >> give me one quote that you can think of that he said that's hateful. >> he has said that being gay is evil. >> all right. by the way, "the washington post" just breaking as we speak that he's going to renounce his canadian citizenship. does that take the issue off the table? let me move on. the chicago tribune says delay obama care. now, connie mack, i love the fact that when you were in congress, you had a plan that was the mack penny plan to get the nation's budget in balance. do you think the republicans are smart to not only delay but
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maybe defundal obama care? >> absolutely. it's not just republicans. it's independents and democrats who are saying, one, that obama care is killing jobs and killing job opportunities. that means for people like here in southwest florida who are looking for work, it's hard to find work because businesses are cutting back not only on full-time employees but making them part-time employees. this is a real problem. i love how the left tries to make this just republicans are trying to do this. my hat is off. i think we ought to continue to bring bills to the floor that defunds obama care and if the senators -- republican senators are successful in their push to defund obama care, i think that it's a great thing. >> let me quote from the star ledger in new jersey this very day, steve, where it says, "obama care end health plan used
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by 100,000 citizens of new jersey. "they can't keep the same coverage that they have. didn't the president promise that wouldn't be the case? >> the cost of health care is going to drop significantly in new jersey. >> that's not true. >> absolutely is. one thing that you're missing here -- >> you can keep saying it but it's not true. >> only 35% of americans want to completely repeal obama care. everybody wants it fixed. there are things wrong with it and there's going to be more things wrong with it as it is implemented. everybody wants it fixed. but you're barking up a losing tree. >> except for the president of the united states who is blocking any attempt to fix the law. >> actually, he already delayed employer mandate. >> which by the way you can't do. i want to go back to this. people in florida will see cost rise 35%. 80% in ohio. up to 164%, connie, in
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california. there's about four states that might see a reduction. that's all. >> you know, this is the talking points on the left that it is going to bring down costs. it's not. look, we were lied to when obama care was passed. nancy pelosi said it. you have to pass it before we know what's in it. the fact that the president said you get to keep your doctor is not true. and people are losing jobs or going from full time to part time. it's a disaster and it needs to be repealed. >> all right. good to see you both. appreciate it. we have a busy night tonight. coming up last week we told you about the completely insensitive march, american muslim political action committee is planning to hold on all days on 9/11 and despite the public outcry the group is going forward with this march. coming up next, one of the organizers will join us to explain why but first you get to pick tonight's video of the day. option number one from last night's preseason nfl football
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welcome back to "hannity." last week on this program we told you about a group called
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the american muslim political action committee and how they plan to hold a rally on the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. the group claims that muslims have been victimized since the 2001 terrorist attacks and despite public outrage, the group is not backing down. here is one of the organizers of the march, chris phillips and a doctor. you claim 12 years later muslims are victimized and made into villains and you decided to make 9/11 or the anniversary of 9/11 about the victimization of muslims? >> it's about a lot more than that. it's about a lot of things. there's been 12 years of wars since that day and we're going to memorialize against a number of countries. we're going to memorialize the fallen on 9/11 and fallen that have fallen in every combat zone and every country we've been at war with for 12 years.
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>> it's a war against radical islam, is it not? war against extremists and war again against those -- >> innocent people are dying in that process. >> innocent people died on 9/11. 3,000 people. >> absolutely. >> innocent people died that day. >> innocent people. >> you want to make it about muslims -- >> no. >> excuse me. it says that 12 years later muslims continue to be victimized and made to be the villains. who is making muslims out to be the villains? think america goes a long way to distinguish between radical islam and islam. >> are you making innocent americans out to be a villain right now? >> i said america goes a long way to make a distinction between radical islamist and muslims. >> are you veillainiz izizing t with this broadcast. these people are not radical
6:16 pm
islamists. these are innocent americans practicing their constitutional liberties, brother. >> i think on that day -- what what do you think? >> i haven't met a muslim that isn't offended by the exploitation of 9/11. they call this the muslim march against fear when muslims should march on ft. hood trial this week to demand for the death penalty. they should be protesting at the embassies of the saudi arabia embassy, iranian embassy and protesting all of the churches that are being burned by the muslim brotherhood and if you look at the greatest security threat to the world, it's radical muslims from within our house but you think it's appropriate to emphasize our fear in the country that gives us freedom. the march should be called how to radicalize muslims in one march. >> i don't think you know exactly what issues we're going to cover. i mean, the reality is that people all across the world are
6:17 pm
suffering and we continue our war on terror that puts us into debt $20 trillion into debt. we are now -- we can't afford more of these conflicts. we have to be realistic about the impact it's having on our economy and on our country. >> your self-righteousness doesn't fly. you guys have unroofed every truther and nut case. >> everybody is invited. >> you're about a truther movement and the means that you are bringing the idea is that america is anti-islam and those ideas proceed the violence of the boston bombers on april 15th just a few months ago and you d one of the greatest attacks on america. you seem to have people with you
6:18 pm
that are flaming anti-semites that think israel is responsible and you want the rest of the 9/11 report released. >> is this america? do people have a right to think freely? where are we? >> don't call it the american muslim march. >> it's not called that. i already told you. i already corrected you. i already corrected you. it's the million american march against fear. it's not called the million american march. >> you don't have problem against anti-semitism? >> i think innocent people dying at the -- >> i asked you, do you have a problem having anti-semites you're inviting to your rally. >> everyone is invited. freedom of speech in america. >> i asked you a question. do you have a problem with anti-semitism? >> i don't like hate. i don't like hate. is that clear enough.
6:19 pm
>> so is anti-semitism hate? >> a lot of times anti-islam is hate. >> you lack credibility. >> is anti-semitism hateful? >> yes, absolutely. but anti-zionism is not anti-semitism. >> you lack credibility as a muslim and as an american when you associate with ideas that are anti-semetic. >> i'm not an anti-semite. >> that's absurd. it's truly offensive. >> you said anybody can go. we have radical supporters of hamas and hezbollah and muslim brotherhood for example. are they invited eto your rally? >> everyone is invited. >> hamas is a terror group.
6:20 pm
>> obviously, if anybody gets violent, if you're going to be violent, we don't want people there that are violent. we want people to be safe. >> you are inviting people -- you don't have a problem with muslim brotherhood members going? >> i would prefer that anyone that supports violence not attend. >> you don't want those groups not attend? >> i would rather anyone violent not attend. i don't want violent patriots that think they are protecting america to show up and start attacking muslim because they think they are jihadist. i want everyone who will be violent to stand away. >> he wouldn't want someone from hamas because this is a preparatory camp for hamas. >> no, it's not. no, it's not. no, it's not. don't lie to the american people, brother. i'm sorry. free americans using their constitutional liberties. it's not radical islam.
6:21 pm
>> one last question. you put up on your website fairly unbalanced, a picture of me as a clown. who would you feel if someone did that to the prophet mohammad? >> i'm not -- i don't worship islam and i would be offended if friends of mine were offended. i'm not a muslim. >> you're a studge. they're not destroying everything. they have every right to memorize 9/11. >> you're basically a front man. >> i'm a citizen of the united states, brother. >> all right. >> you show the technique you use on your website is beyond offensive. thank you both. appreciate it. coming up next, president obama just wrapped up his luxurious vacation in martha's vineyard. the tense situation in egypt continued to spiral out of control. the latest out of cairo. you want to know what john kerry was doing over the weekend.
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welcome back to "hannity." president obama spent the last nine days vacationing on the luxurious island of martha's vineyard, chaos on the streets of egypt continued and fighting between the government and supporters of ousted president mohamed morsi escalated raising the death toll to nearly 1,000. tonight according to egyptian security officials, the supreme spiritual leader of the muslim brotherhood was just captured and he'll go on trial later this month for killing protesters of the brotherhood back in june. while many lawmakers on capitol hill are urging the president to address the violence and cut off more than $1 billion of u.s. aid we give to egypt each year, senator john mccain had this to say about the situation. >> we have no credibility. we do have influence but when you don't use that influence, then you do not have that influence.
6:27 pm
we could be cutting off the aid, the spare parts and maintenance of these military equipment that we've given to the egyptians is important to their capabilities. tourism, economic assistance, business, imf loan. there are many areas where we could exercise influence over the generals and we're not doing any of it and we're not sticking with our values. >> and with reports that hosni mubarak may be released from jail any day now, so will our commander in chief step in and do something or continue to sit back and watch egypt burn? welcome both of you. from my perspective, the president has been wrong every step of the way. wrong to push mubarak out. wrong to give aid to morsi and the muslim brotherhood and wrong now to lecture the military,
6:28 pm
which was responsible for removing the brotherhood. do you agree with the president on those things? >> i think that you have really hit the issue right on the head and one question is what kind of aid will we continue to send? don't forget that president obama already cutoff several f-16s last month. it's not exactly right that he's been sitting on the sidelines. he's been starting to cutoff aid. that's something that one of the leading republican senators said was look at tiered approach to aid. he's cut off those f-16s last month. there's an upcoming question about some apache helicopters. >> but he sent to mohamed morsi, this is a guy that refers to israelis as descendents of apes and pigs sending him f-16s, tanks and $1.5 billion in aid. don't you think that was dumb? >> and you actually predicted, sean, that morsi, the brotherhood would win and morsi
6:29 pm
would take over. maybe you should be at the cia helping us there. >> if i had known and they don't, that's scary to me. really scary. >> i think it's about predictions. >> katie? >> well, considering president obama is going on a bus tour next week to talk about college loans even though we already passed the college student loan bill. the big issue that we're all missing is that the obama administration from the beginning has never been willing to recognize the muslim brotherhood for what it is. that is a terrorist organization. obama and his administration love to brag about the killing of osama bin laden but they're not willing to acknowledge that osama bin laden is a product of the muslim brotherhood. president obama went to egypt in 2009 right at the beginning of his presidency to talk about religious tolerance and how we
6:30 pm
all need to live together and egypt was the gateway to the muslim world for a better relationship and now that christian churches are burning he's not standing up for christianity in the way that he should be. >> let me show you something. i should have thought of this earlier. this is from "the blaze" today. this is john kerry today. that's john kerry. he's kite boarding. do you ever go kite boarding? i don't even know what that is. there is our secretary of state. he's kite boarding and president of the united states is out there swinging a golf club every two seconds. >> don't forget in this day, the president can sign a law in boston. he can sign an executive order in california. he can sign a law -- so when he brings with him an entire apparatus when he travels. >> egypt is burning and secretary of state is out kite boarding. >> let's remember a couple weeks ago when the muslim brotherhood
6:31 pm
was overthrown by the egyptian military. the day that happened john kerry was out yachting in nantucket and the state department lied about it. he's not out on his yacht but he was working from his kayak and everything else. they haven't gotten their story straight on this. clearly things like him being out while egypt is burning, no idea what they're going to do with their strategy shows they're not that focused when obama talks about this long standing relationship with egypt but he doesn't seem too concerned about that slipping away at the moment. >> that may be unfair. when you think about it. he did sit down with national security advisers. they went to martha's vineyard. the apparatus travels with the president wherever he is. i think if this had been a national incident. an incident of prime importance in america's territory, you
6:32 pm
would have seen him come back. >> hold on a second. 84 million egyptians. it's geopolitical and the defining place in the middle east. under mubarak who he pushed out, they kept the peace for 30 years with israel. now we are in a situation where the muslim brotherhood hates us, the military hates us, the christians now hate us because they're now marking their homes and burning them and their churches. >> i think that's a key question and probably a factor in whether or not to continue sending aid. so they have to think about that they need the military to keep the suez canal open and they need the military to keep that peace treaty with israel since 1979 and to cut off aid could be a problem. that's why you had republican peter king of new york saying do not cut off aid. we need to maintain our influence. and he's the chair of the counterterrorism and intelligence community in the house. >> nobody respects us. that's the problem.
6:33 pm
he supported the muslim brotherhood and supported morsi. he gave f-16s to him. >> you and katie both said that obama was supporting the morsi brotherhood. >> he gave them $1.5 billion. >> but think about -- >> the muslim brotherhood is a secular organization. as soon as muslim brotherhood came in, christians were persecuted at a higher rate. obama let it happen. >> i'm going to say that you and obama agree about this. he shares your feelings about the brotherhood. they were democratically elected and as americans one of our prime goals is to spread democracy. there was a revolution in egypt in which the egyptian people pushed mubarak out and elected the brotherhood. >> he pushed out mubarak. there was no plan b. >> the people of egypt went into tahrir square --
6:34 pm
>> now they're getting slaughtered by the muslim brotherhood. >> we should stand up for democracy. we want a real democracy. the egyptian people deserve better than this. they deserve better. >> then morsi should be back in power based on what you're saying. >> he got pushed out. >> was there an election that forced him out or a military coo? >> you're right on the issue. the reason they pushed him out -- >> that's not democracy. i got to roll. thank you. coming up next tonight on "hannity" -- >> i think no question about it violent crime will go up. again, this is not a program. this is something that's integral to policing. >> we'll explain the controversial court decision that has the new york city police commissioner hot under the collar and other people yelling racism. you can follow the live show and vote for today's video of the
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welcome back to "hannity." last week the court ruled that stop and frisk violated minority rights. police say it's instrumental in reducing crime in the big apple but the ruling is raising serious concern. ray kelly blasted this decision on the sunday shows yesterday. watch this. >> i think no question about it violent crime will go up. again, this is not a program. this is something that's integral to policing. this happens throughout america. and any police jurisdiction you have to do it. officers have to have the right of inquiry if they see suspicu s
6:40 pm
suspicious behavior. this is an issue throughout america and this case has to be appealed in my judgment because it will be taken as a template and have significant impact in policing throughout america. >> so is this police tactic discriminatory? joining us now, we have angela who is with us and also joining us, political analyst and democratic strategist radio talk show host ebony williams. ebony, do you have a problem if you go back to before these policies were implemented in new york, there were about 2,500 murders on average per year. now there's fewer than 500. what the commissioner is saying if those tactics are taken away, those numbers are likely to rise. does that concern you? >> well, no, sean, it doesn't concern me. the commissioner isn't being very intellectually honest because there's no data -- we're happy to see the crime rate in new york city dropping but
6:41 pm
there's no way to connect that with these discriminatory practices. >> when they started these police tactics, the murder rate went down dramatically and immediately as soon as they were implemented. there's a direct correlation. as soon as they started it, murder rates went down. crime went down. now he would suggest that if we go back from that that they would start up again. why would that not make sense to you? >> let's talk about what going back from that means, sean. nothing about this ruling gets rid of stop and frisk. it gets rid of discriminatory effect we see it being used in new york city today. >> you can spin it any way you want. angela? >> the judge said it was unconstitutional. if you look at the two cases which was ruled by the supreme court, terry versus ohio, as late as 2009 you had arizona versus johnson that proved that stop and frisk does nothe fourt
6:42 pm
amendments. having said that, murder rates are lower in new york, sean, you're right. shooting rates are lower. why they are saying this is racial profiling is the fact that this is happening more to minorities in minority communities but if you look at our community, we have higher crime rates in the inner city than we do in other neighborhoods. >> i agree with you. the ends don't justify the means. stop and frisk in and of itself is constitutionally valid but the way it's being applied when you have 200,000 cases where there is no reasonable suspicion -- >> out of 5 million. >> 200,000 with no reasonable suspicion, that's unconstitutional and fourth amendment is to protect us all and something we should applaud keeping us free of unreasonable search and seizure. >> the judge in this case said
6:43 pm
that 35,000 new york city police officers were racially profiling. i can't believe that. the bottom line is this. it's sad if people walk out of their homes and it's predetermined that they're criminals by the color of their skin. however, how do we stop the crime in our community? you have had trayvon martin's mother who said this is racial profiling but you also had a black mother in chicago that said stop people if they look like they might shoot my son. so what do we do? >> well, what we do is what the judge has instructed. you have somebody that is going to monitor this, a former prosecutor will step in and say we'll make sure this is applied in a uniform way that keeps us all safe. we want to be safe from unreasonable searches and seizures but safe in our communities and best way to do that is make sure when the officer cites for this stop and frisk it's an individual specific reasonable suspicion that they are citing and not just general suspicion based off the black or brownness of the skin.
6:44 pm
that's where discrimination. >> i don't believe that ray kelly is being -- what did you say -- intellectually dishonest. it's a great law enforcement tactic and pro-active. would i rather have someone stop me if they think that i'm going to do a crime to prove that i'm not going to do one? >> angela, is it effective when 88% of the time the searches end up being proving someone innocent. that's a high statistic. >> if in fact the murder rate was 2,500. this practice was instituted and went below 500. if in fact you see that increase in the murder rate again, and a lot of this is happening in minority communities by the way, ebony, if that happens, would you then change your mind? >> i just want stop and frisk to be done constitutionally sound, sean. i believe an officer can articulate a specific reason someone is about to anticipate a
6:45 pm
very specific crime, there should be a reasonable detainment there but to say someone is suspicion because they're black or brown is not fair. >> you are tying the hands of law enforcement. the question is if the murder rate goes up dramatically because police aren't doing this anymore, would you be inclined to let them continue the practice to save lives? >> discrimination, never. i would never support that. thank you, sean. >> i don't support discrimination but they should be able to have the right to have the inquiry. >> they will be able to do this. they'll still be able to do that. >> 200,000 out of 5 million is a good number. thanks, sean. >> i don't think so. coming up next, fireworks flying at fenway park in boston last night when new york yankee alex rodriguez was hit by a pitch but a-rod got the last laugh. still time to get your vote in for today's video of the game. we will continue. [ male announcer ] house rule number 14.
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welcome back to "hannity." tension was high in fenway park last night between the red sox and the new york yankees and who was at the center of the drama? yankee third baseman alex rodriguez. it started when the red sox
6:50 pm
pitcher ryan dempster grilled him with a fastball. looked like that was the first attempt. yankee manager joe girardi charged on the field and confronted the umpire behind home plate. he got so angry he was ejected from the game. now some people are saying that the red sox pitchergame. some are saying that the red sox pitcher did it on purpose, it's fairly obvious. whatever the case, a-rod got his case in the solo home. over the suspension looming. this tension on the field, the new norm for america's favorite pastime. look at this, this is out of control. jim gray and sportscaster for fox sports and co-host of ufc tonight. do which all agree, they were throwing at him on purpose, does
6:51 pm
everyone agree with that? >> i agree with that, for sure. i mean, i think dempster was definitely pitching inside and he threw a couple before the one that actually hit him. the ump had given both of the benches a warning, which is kind of unfair, because the yankees had yet to do anything. but that effectively took away cc's attempt to put away their pitcher. >> when that happened, that took that away from cc and the yankees effectively. everybody can agree that dempster was definitely trying to and then hit a-rod. but then look what happened, the yankees ended up hitting a-rod and he had a great game. >> obviously there are a lot of
6:52 pm
players in baseball who are very unhappy with a-rod, just because of everything that has gone on and if you look at what has gone on and transpired sean here in the past several months, you can forget what's going on with several teams. the dodgers out here have been in credible. he's been hit 21 times before by the red sox, so it's not like he couldn't have expected this, particularly under these circumstances. >> here's the question, we have all these suspensions, we really haven't gotten all the facts on the evidence that major league baseball has. but 211 games is a lot of games. as i understood it, first offense is 50, second offense is 100 games. do you think this is fair? leann? >> i think when bud selig came out, the commissioner of major league baseball, he said there
6:53 pm
were multiple infractions and possibly now looking into his inner circle, releasing names that contained the write up that came out that had alex's name in it that supposedly was released to yahoo sports that had ryan saveli. usually when there's sparks there's fire. a-rod is not liked by a lot of people. when he admitted to using performance-enhancing steroids, he said he only used them for three years. how convenient. bud selig has to nip this in the bud, it's not good for baseball. there's a lot of other great stories out there. and this is really kind of consuming everything and they need to get it done. 211 is -- it's going to arbitration at the end of this season.
6:54 pm
so something's going to happen, he's still playing throughout the rest of the season. but it is disappointing for fans like us who just want to watch baseball and not worry about a-rod. but if he did take stuff from biogenesis, he really does need to pay the piper. >> i think it's very fair, and until we know otherwise, look today, randy levine says i'm happy to go along with you releasing your medical records, it's going to show just exactly what the yankees have had to deal. we have to view him as having committed the crime. >> he has not denied it this last time as well. >> good to see you both,
6:55 pm
congratulations, leann. when we come back, your choice for video of the day is next.
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up to 30% off. only at hey, welcome back to "hannity" time to show you what you have chosen as the video of the day. pam oliver was on the receiving end of a pass from the indianapolis colts shannon harnisch. >> chandler harnisch throws, and wham, that ball from chandler harnisch i'm sure felt horrible. >> thanks for hitting me in the face with that ball. >> you can't reference that, pam and then we leave it out there. >> come on, don't show that. >> oh, i know. >> thank goodness she's okay. that is all the time we have left this evening, as always, thank you for being with us.
7:00 pm
greta van sustren is standing by live. greta, take it away. >> former congressman allan west says president obama is a dangerous threat to the allan west is here to tell you in just a minute. >> he and his party are the sole destroyers of the american health care system. >> i'm going to keep doing everything in my power to make sure this law works as it's supposed to. because in the united states of america, health insurance isn't a privilege, it's your right. and we're going to keep it that way. >> the number one concern of americans is obamacare. >> obama and the democrats have turned the american people, particularly when it comes to health care, into servants of government. >> the american people wanted health care reform because they wanted affordable care. and what we're seeing under this health care law is that the cost of care is actually going up. >> because in the

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